Why choose InfraWP instead of SpinupWP?

SpinupWP is a WordPress hosting control panel created by Delicious Brains. Delicious Brains has a great team and they have made some great WordPress products. If you’re trying to understand the differences between InfraWP and SpinupWP and can’t decide which is the best choice for your business, you’ve come to the right place.


Your IaaS provider
InfraWP has API integration with DigitalOcean, Vultr, Linode, AWS Lightsail, UpCloud and you can use our custom VPS option to provision servers to any quality VPS provider you wish to use (including Google Cloud Compute, AWS EC2, Hetzner , and OVH).

SpinupWP has an integration with DigitalOcean, also in this case, you will be able to create servers at any provider you wish with their customized option.

We do not charge based on arbitrary metrics such as “visits” might be
With the exception of Pagely, virtually all “managed” WordPress hosts charge based on “views” or increase of PHP workers. This is due to the rigid way these platforms operate. Charging based on these metrics often leaves users no choice but to upgrade to a higher plan. The PHP worker restriction in particular can be very problematic for eCommerce and LMS websites.

Neither InfraWP nor SpinupWP charge based on these types of metrics. You have a VPS or a dedicated server and these can manage according to their capabilities, with no restrictions.

That said, SpinupWP only includes 10 websites and they charge extra for additional websites. This is by no means unreasonable, but it is a somewhat arbitrary restriction.


The main difference between InfraWP and SpinupWP is the market served. SpinupWP is a WordPress-focused cPanel alternative, more geared towards SysAdmins who need a few small servers and are looking to save time and get performance over a regular shared hosting service.

InfraWP is a complete WordPress hosting solution with the support of engineers on 24/7 support. Our platform is designed for serious WordPress agencies and developers looking to grow their business by providing high-end hosting services and / or website care plans for their clients at a premium price.

Evaluation model

WP Engine is a managed WordPress hosting provider that charges a premium for their hosting services. They are one of the first and largest providers in the space and host around 1 million websites. They primarily serve the low to mid-range market of managed WordPress hosting space and are a popular choice for SMBs. Over the years they have received 6 rounds of funding and received hundreds of millions of investments. That being the case, it’s safe to assume that shareholder return on investment (ROI) is a top priority.

InfraWP gives you the ability to create your own managed WordPress hosting service. Instead of renting strictly limited resources directly from a host, you can provision and manage your own enterprise-grade WordPress servers via our SaaS platform.

InfraWP is 100% customer funded and we primarily serve WordPress agencies and developers. We are not liable to any shareholder whose interests are ROI with respect to building our vision for the ultimate arsenal of WordPress hosting tools. This means we are free to invest in areas we know are important rather than clashing with investor priorities and generating quick ROI.

Price Comparison

SpinupWP has far fewer features than InfraWP and very limited access to support. Therefore, their basic plans are cheaper than our InfraWP plans.

That said, while SpinupWP doesn’t limit the number of servers you can create, there is a limit to the number of websites (10), and from there they have a € 9 for 10 website template. This price is very reasonable, but InfraWP has no such limitations.

InfraWP’s pricing model is simple. We have 4 fixed plans designed to help you at different levels of your hosting business journey. As you add more sites and servers to your account, you gain overall pricing benefits.

The price comparison above compares the InfraWP + € 12 and € 24 VPS plans that
includes additional full server backups at your chosen IaaS provider.

Stack and performance

SpinupWP runs an Nginx stack which is much better performing than regular shared hosting. On regular, non-complex, low-traffic sites, you may not notice much difference in performance between SpinupWP and InfraWP. However, on a large scale, there is no information on SpinupWP’s performance, so we cannot provide a fair comparison.

That said, we’ll happily compare any of our server stack options to ANY WordPress hosting stack in the world, any day of the week. To sum up these results, InfraWP’s stack competes with the world’s most expensive WordPress hosting plans and will manage large-scale websites at any level. One of our main goals as a platform is to help our customers build enterprise-wide servers.

InfraWP it is also the only platform that offers multiple stack options. With our developer accounts, you have the ability to customize your server stack with Nginx or Openlitespeed (beta) and MariaDB or Percona for MySQL 8. Our default settings are ideal for most WordPress websites, so you can further customize them to meet your website’s specific needs. Do you need to modify your PHP workers for a WooCommerce or LMS website? No problem, you can do it directly in your dashboard.


Do you need access to support for any kind of urgent problem? SpinupWP is not for you.

InfraWP has engineers on 24/7 support, and our team literally solves WordPress specific problems and nothing else. One of the main reasons WordPress agencies switch to InfraWP is due to the high level of support our team offers. If you’re looking to nurture a team that can help you manage all of your hosting customers, we’re the perfect partner for your business.


These are the main differences between our services:

Below is a price comparison with SpinupWP’s best plan. Note though that InfraWP has no preset site / server limits, so an extra € 20 VPS can easily handle 20 extra regular WordPress sites.

Number of sites 30-50 30
SSD Storage 130GB 50GB
Monthly bandwidth 6000GB 500GB
Monthly visitors No limitations – Millions per month 400,000 per month
(excess charges if exceeded)
Local Backups Hourly Daily
Server cache FastCGI or Redis Page Caching and Redis Object Caching Page and Object Caching
Multisite Available for free in 1 click, with 1 click WP Ultimate integration Available for additional monthly fee , price not publicly available
Support Live chat 24/7 Live chat 24/7
Web Application Firewall 6G WAF, 7G WAF, and ModSecurity WAF Global Edge Security WAF available at one additional monthly fee , price not publicly available
Floor InfraWP Developer Plan = € 200 / month
1vCPU 2GB VPS = € 12 / month
2vCPU 4GB VPS = € 24 / month
(including full server backups).
WP Engine Growth Plan


= € 236 / month

= € 290 / month