Why choose InfraWP instead of SiteGround?

InfraWP is the alternative to SiteGround for people who cannot rely on shared hosting. InfraWP always hosts your sites and applications on dedicated servers.


SiteGround’s goal is not high performance hosting.
SiteGround offers several plans and some of them include dedicated servers. But their bread and butter are hobby websites that don’t demand great performance.

SiteGround excels at shared hosting, which does not require state-of-the-art servers.
Their lowest cloud hosting plan is 10 times more expensive than InfraWP’s lowest plan, and they don’t allow users to choose a server provider.


  • InfraWP’s cheapest plan gives you 2.5x more storage and dedicated RAM / CPU, compared to SiteGround’s cheaper shared hosting. The pricing is slightly different, but we won’t limit your site’s resources.
  • 10x cheaper cloud hosting. InfraWP’s initial cloud hosting plan costs € 10 / month versus € 100 / month with SiteGround. You can scale your resources immensely before paying the same monthly bill on SiteGround.
  • Transparent prices, every year. With InfraWP you pay for what you use and have total control of your billing. No hidden costs or 3X price increases after your initial “sweet” deal is done.
  • Host unlimited sites on a single account.
    Launch as many websites as you want without sacrificing speed, even with our lowest plans. As long as you have resources available, we will not limit the number of sites you can host on your server.
  • Everything your site needs, ready to use
    Free SSL, firewall, monitoring, backup, staging, and more. Businesses that don’t want to complicate server maintenance love how simple it is to launch a new site with InfraWP.

Evaluation model

InfraWP Customer Service Performance

2 minutes
First contact response time.

30 minutes
Average time to resolve and close a support request.

Percentage of service requests closed with a happy and satisfied customer.

Price Comparison

SiteGround’s pricing starts at € 30 per month for 1 regular site and € 115 per month for 10 sites which may include multisite networks. They also offer a few things with their plans that we at InfraWP don’t include. One of them is the ability to use Genesis Framework and any Studiopress child themes on your websites. The other is a CDN. Both are great features, but with the money you’ll save using InfraWP you can easily afford to license Genesis, and BunnyCDN is great and incredible value for money if you need a CDN. Cloudflare is obviously free, but not as powerful.

InfraWP includes many features that WP Engine does not include, such as Openlitespeed, server customization options, hourly backups, offsite backup options, DNS integrations, multiple WAFs at no extra cost, one-click multisite at no extra cost and one-click integration of WP Ultimo. Our Pro plan costs € 50, the developer one costs € 200, and we have agency and corporate options available.

The price comparison above compares the InfraWP + € 12 and € 24 VPS plans that
includes additional full server backups at your chosen IaaS provider.

Stack and performance

SiteGround runs on an Nginx stack built for WordPress and their performance is superior to any other average hosting service you come across. They keep their infrastructure and most of their server stacks secret, but we know it’s Nginx based and includes some form of object caching. They have a strictly regulated one-size-fits-all service, and therefore are more geared towards the average (simple) WordPress website.

In all fairness, this approach covers a lot of ground. However, if you’re hosting eCommerce, learning management systems or multisites, forums, membership sites, or even regular high-traffic sites, getting the performance you need could cost you several €.

InfraWP is the only platform that offers multiple stack options. Our developer accounts give you the ability to customize your server stack with Nginx or OpenLiteSpeed (beta) and MariaDB or Percona for MySQL 8. Our default settings are ideal for most WordPress websites, but you can also customize them to meet your specific needs if needed. Do you need to modify your PHP workers for a WooCommerce or LMS website? No problem. There are no such options on SiteGround and you will likely have no choice but to increase your resources by purchasing a higher plan.

As for performance, let’s just say we’ll happily pit any of our server stack options against ANY managed hosting company any day of the week. Both we and SiteGround took up the challenge of Review Signal’s annual testing and came out with top marks in the top-of-the-pyramid enterprise category (although SiteGround failed to get the “Top Tier” award the first time they walked in, they were able to earn the next tier with their € 5400 per month (!) plan later.


At InfraWP, there is always someone ready to help when it matters most
Do you feel like SiteGround’s customer service has been running late lately? We put our best agents and engineers on live chat, Slack and phone support, 24/7/365.


These are the main differences between our services:

Below is a price comparison with SiteGround’s Pro plan. Note though that InfraWP has no preset site / server limits, so an extra € 20 VPS can easily handle 20 extra regular WordPress sites.

Number of sites 30-50 30
SSD Storage 130GB 50GB
Monthly bandwidth 6000GB 500GB
Monthly visitors No limitations – Millions per month 400,000 per month
(excess charges if exceeded)
Local Backups Hourly Daily
Server cache FastCGI or Redis Page Caching and Redis Object Caching Page and Object Caching
Multisite Available for free in 1 click, with 1 click WP Ultimate integration Available for additional monthly fee , price not publicly available
Support Live chat 24/7 Live chat 24/7
Web Application Firewall 6G WAF, 7G WAF, and ModSecurity WAF Global Edge Security WAF available at one additional monthly fee , price not publicly available
Floor InfraWP Developer Plan = € 200 / month
1vCPU 2GB VPS = € 12 / month
2vCPU 4GB VPS = € 24 / month
(including full server backups).
WP Engine Growth Plan


= € 236 / month

= € 290 / month